• Amazonius germani - Orange Tree Spider

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The Orange Tree Spider is perhaps one of the lesser-known pet tarantulas.

All too often tarantula keepers start off with one or two “slow and steady” species ideal for the beginner – such as the Chilean Rose Hair or the Brazilian Black – and then rapidly move on to the “showier” species in the hobby. You know the ones – the Gooty Ornamentals and Greenbottle Blues. As a result, tarantulas like the Orange Tree Spider sometimes get overlooked – but this is a mistake. Get one and you will see!!!




Males 4 years and females 14 years


Arboreal setup with at least 4 x the size of the spider in vertical space and a water dish.

Heating & Lighting


Substrate and Humidity

65%-75% humidity


Live crickets, roaches, waxworms, and other insects. The insects should be no larger than the size of your tarantula's body

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Amazonius germani - Orange Tree Spider

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